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3 Reasons to Invest in Mississauga Real Estate


While the real estate market in Toronto remains red hot, prospective homeowners are finding investment opportunities in surrounding municipalities as well. Both commercial and residential growth has remained constant in the Peel Region, creating a demand for real estate in the area. The Peel Region includes Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga. While closely connected to Toronto, these three municipalities have given homeowners an alternative to busy city life, while saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on the price of a home. FDi, a division of Financial Times Limited, named Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton among the American Cities of the Future in 2015-16. The study ranked over 420 locations across North and South America across five categories: economic potential, business friendliness, human capital, lifestyle, and connectivity. Among its many accolades, the city of Mississauga is recognized as being an early adopter of technology and a leader in post-secondary education. Below, we’ll go over the top three reasons homeowners are choosing to invest in Mississauga real estate.

One of the Most Connected Cities in the Western Hemisphere
Connected by an extensive network of highways, railways, and Canada’s largest international airport, Mississauga ranks as the third-most connected city in the western hemisphere. A short drive away from Toronto and the US Border, Mississauga is within a day’s drive of over 150 million consumers.  The city is also located near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which is the most connected airport in the entire country.

World Class Post-Secondary Institutions
Mississauga is home to some of the country’s finest post-secondary institutions, including the University of Toronto-Mississauga and Sheridan College’s Pilon School of Business. The University of Toronto-Mississauga is also home to the Mississauga Academy of Medicine, which partners with Trillium Health Partners to deliver the highest standard of education, research, and care. The program offers three different academies for medical students that provide outstanding education from committed teachers in a welcoming and supportive learning environment.  The Fitzgerald, Peters-Boyd, and Wightman-Berris Academies work with local hospitals to provide a breadth of clinical learning opportunities and the best practice patient-centered care.

Property Values Expected to Rise
Perhaps the most common reason that people are choosing to invest in real estate in the Peel Region is that property values in Mississauga are expected to continue to rise in 2017 and beyond. While prices continue to rise across the GTA, surrounding cities like Brampton and Mississauga are seeing significant growth. In the first quarter of 2016, home prices in Mississauga rose by over 8% as compared to the previous year. The rise can be attributed to an increase in demand, which has prompted potential homebuyers to get into bidding wars for the limited number of homes available. Mississauga is a multicultural city with great amenities and access to top-tier shopping malls, making it a popular destination for families to settle down and start planting some roots.

As these three reasons continue to drive up the demand for homes in the GTA, more homebuyers will be looking to invest in Mississauga real estate. Despite rising mortgage insurance premiums, homebuyers can have confidence that the value of their investments will continue to rise over time.